To get one free headband, customers must visit the following collections and add at least one headband to your cart.


(1)Please note that if you add two or more headbands to your cart, only the first one is free. We will charge you fee for the remaining headbands in your order.

(2)You can add any headband as listed in the colleaction to your cart as a free gift that we will send to you.

(3)If you forget to add one free headband to your cart and the order has been successfully placed, please contact us at and let us know which headband you would like to choose. If unfortunately the order has been processed before we receive your email, no headband will be sent to you.

(4) For one order, only one free headband will be shipped out. If you place two or more orders separately, for each order, you have the right to choose one free headband.